Centro Multicultural La Familia (CMLF) or Multicultural Family Center is a private, not-for-profit, mission-driven organization that provides comprehensive services to a diverse community. While most of the clients we serve now are from Hispanic descent, we also serve clients that speak Albanian, Korean and Armenian.


We are proud to be able to offer culturally and linguistically competent services in the areas of mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, Early Head Start, Great Parents, Integrated Care or Medical Home in partnership with St. Joseph hospital, support and interpretation for pregnant women through our Centro de la Mujer program, and community support services.


We are engaged in several collaborations where we are able to participate in research projects. We have partnered with the Julian Samora Research Institute and Michigan Nutrition Network to work in childhood obesity and nutrition and with the University of Michigan-School of Nursing to work on incontinence during pregnancy issues. We believe that it is important for the Hispanic population to participate in projects like these in order to increase our knowledge of evidence-based practices with this population.




CMLF/MFC mission is to provide culturally-competent support services to families in a holistic approach in order to improve their quality of life.




CMLF/MFC will be the one not-for-profit Mission- Based Business.

  • Recognized throughout the state for the quality and cost effective services by all individuals served by the organization.
  • Consistently chosen by individuals and referral resources as the service provider of choice for families of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • With the most committed culturally competent staff, stakeholders and volunteers of any organization in the state of Michigan.
  • Recognized as one of the initiators of the Community Center that came together in an effort to provide one-stop services to the community, and
  • Praised for its ability to building partnerships and collaboration with other community members.



Cultural Sensitivity:

Our common goal is to treat each individual and family with dignity and respect, embracing their cultural identity.


We serve our community with a commitment to provide access to resources in a responsible team approach.


We offer quality services with ethical and professional excellence.

Personal Growth:

We believe that emphasizing people’s strengths, each individual has the potential to achieve their goals and hopes. This is also true for our own staff.


We are outcome-driven and work together productively and in partnership with the community and the clients we serve.