Through our partnership with Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency  we offer home-based services to provide support and enhance parenting skills for families with children from 0-3 years of age.  Families may receive support for a period between 0 and 3 years and one of the goals is to prevent child abuse and neglect. Activities of this program include:

  • Growing Great Kids parenting curriculum – an evidenced-based curriculum to teach parents how to develop a positive relationship with their children and optimum bonding
  • Home-based family support and transportation assistance – Family Educators provide services at the home of the family and work with both parents when possible to learn parenting skills that will prevent future abuse or neglect
  • Interpretation and Translation in accessing resources – Staff often serve as interpreters between clients and other service providers (physicians, teachers)
  • Family literacy and empowerment – emphasis is made on the importance of reading to their children in order to prepare them to be successful at school
  • Early Intervention, screening for mental health – staff screen clients for signs of emotional impairments and may refer to mental health professionals for counseling

For more information, please contact staff below at 248- 858-7800 :

Brenda Hascall or e-mail:  or ext 1001

Elizabeth Holguin or e-mail: or ext 1001

Vilma Nieto or e-mail: or ext 1001

Teresa Saylor or e-mail:  or ext 1001