Evangelina Palma Ramirez

Director of Victims of Crime (VOCA) Program

Evangelina (Eva) is the current Director of Victims of Crime (VOCA) Program at Centro Multicultural La Familia. She holds a PhD degree in Chicano/Latino Studies and a master’s degree in clinical social work from Michigan State University. Eva is passionate about working to improve the life conditions of people struggling with issues of abuse, family conflict, disempowerment, and social injustice. In her years of formal education while also getting involved with the community, she heard many people’ stories of abuse, survival, and resilience that she knew she had to do something. Through these experiences, she realized that her call was to work toward eradicating situations of abuse and injustice and to promote people’s healing and resilience. In addition to her work as Program Director, Eva also provides mental health services to individuals struggling with pain and emotional distress. As a native-Spanish speaker, Eva is well trained to provide counseling, mentorship, and educational opportunities for Spanish-speakers audiences. Eva also enjoys growing her flowers, spending time with family and friends, playing with her dog Bruno, exercising, and doing meditation.